Vacuum thermoforming is a plastic manufacturing process in which a 2 dimensional thermoplastic sheet is heated to a forming optimal temperature and, using vacuum and pressure, is formed into a 3 dimensional part.

Formtech Plastics is dedicated to helping our customers realize their goals by providing high quality custom vacuum thermoplastic products. We have years of custom vacuum forming of thermoplastics and we’re able to assist in any project, be it through custom manufacturing , design or consultation. Let Formtech Plastics put our experience to work for you.



Formtech Plastics is a leading solutions-based plastics thermoforming supplier. We can satisfy all types of small to medium volume plastic forming production runs. We offer an assortment of plastics in various thicknesses from .020" to .375" in a variety of colours and surface textures to meet our customer requirements. Forming equipment at Formtech Plastics allows us the capability of forming parts from sheet sizes as small as 12" x 12" up to 48" x 72". The reproductions are formed using A.B.S. plastic available in .030.

Materials & Tooling

Thermoplastic Materials and Tooling

Our tooling engineering services assist our customers in the most critical phase in the design and development of plastic thermoformed components. A wide range of vacuum forming technical capabilities are available based on the equipment used, materials used, and desired product properties. Our materials include: HMWPE, HDPE, ABS, ACRYLIC and POLYCARBONATE. Our equipment we use includes single station vacuum formers and a three station rotary vacuum former.

Design & Development

Thermoplastic Design and Development

Before moving into plastic thermoforming manufacturing production we provide services for engineering plastic parts and components, plastic products design, plastic mold design and thermoformed plastics design assistance . We can also assist with material selection, coordinate multiple suppliers, facilitate the production and assembly of all components. The possibilities are endless, you dream it we design and build it taking care of every step along the way.

Industries Served

Thermoplastic Industries Served

Our products are built to exact specifications for a wide range of industries including automotive, original equipment manufacturers, advertising, household, outdoor, recreational, theatrical, tv and movie to name a few. We are open to custom vacuum forming for any industry and any need.

Talk to us about your project
Talk to us about your project

Plastic Materials

  • HMWPE - Widely used as wear parts and abrasion resistant plastic components in the conveyor and materials handling industry.
  • HDPE – Cost effective material for industrial applications requiring high impact strength.
  • ABS – Broad spectrum of resins used across a number of applications. Can be formulated to meet UL flammability standards.
  • ACRYLIC – Widely used resin in micro-processor based equipment housings. Meets most stringent UL standards for flammability and can be made in wide range of colors and textures.
  • POLYCARBONATE – Alloy delivers UL approval in addition to high impact performance.
  • HIPS – A low cost, high impact polystrene that is easy to machine and fabricate. HIPS has excellent dimensional stability and is often used for low strength structural applications and prototypes.